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Well, Frankly, we are just beginning. We have index ready however we don't have story, yet!
However, we are going to build a story on this journey.
So, come join us, discover music world around you.
We recently released first page of this story.
As part of music world discovery, start discovering music events around your city.
Like, comment, review them. If you are interested or going to any event, do let us know. We will let others know about this.
We will send you updates about music events happening around you.
If you are travelling and have some time, just jump in here and we will show you list of music events happening around your location.
So, keep visiting us every now & then. We are working hard on building our story.


Yogesh Sable

Life changed after Yogesh started working & talking with US based small entrepreneurs as part of his job in last company.
He got inspired by their passion, goals and dreams.
He used to think that Jobs', Gates', Musk's, Tata's, Ambani's, Bansal's, Zukerberg's etc. are real heros.
He realized that those are milestones.
His inspirations are his friends & colleagues who left their lucrative jobs to either start their own or join startups and are working hard to make that big.
Real motivations are these middle class people who followed their passion, chased dreams,worked hard, failed multiple time, again stood up and finally created their own world.
They created competition.
I am here to create competition in my world!
Come on, beat me!

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